Building Envelope Restoration

This program consists of various facets of reconstruction often including the assessment stage, design, tendering, project management, field reviews and project comissioning.

Pacific Cove-New

AUM provides consulting services for building envelope rehabilitation projects. Building envelope rehabilitation projects may include:

  • Replacement of existing wall cladding system with new rainscreen cladding system.
  • Replacement of existing windows/doors with new.
  • Replacement of existing waterproofing membranes at balconies and decks with new.
  • Replacement of existing roofing membrane systems with new.
  • Re-waterproofing of parkade slab and patio areas above the parkade below.

Our Services On Building Envelope Rehabilitation Projects include:

  • Perform the building envelope condition assessments.
  • Prepare the building envelope design details, specifications and construction documents.
  • Assist in the tendering process.
  • Perform the periodic field reviews to ensure that the construction is in compliance with the contract documents.
  • Attend the site meetings as required.
  • Review of the applicable shop drawings.
  • Conduct the in-situ window/door water penetration testing if necessary.
  • Perform the project management and contract administration services.